How to Check a Router’s Log

There was a time when networking used to be a headache for people but now things are different. Today majority of the people are managing on their own without even calling technical support. There are wired and wireless routers. Both kinds of routers have administrative software which you can use to troubleshoot the device. The very same software is used to access log files.

Step by Step Guide

  • First of all make sure that you are using an Internet enabled computer.
  • Launch you web browser and type into the address bar and hit the enter button from the keyboard. If the IP address you entered does not work, refer to your router manual for the correct IP address.
  • You will be prompted to enter your administrative password. You should the network configuration screen if you have not set this password. Configuration screen may differ depending on the factors like brand and model of the router. Commonly seen headings on configuration screen are Setup, Advanced, Tools and Status.
  • You can access log files by clicking on “Status”. There will be a “Logs” link on the screen. If you don’t find the link there, refer your router’s user guide.
  • You can not only see all of your router’s saved logs but also change the way the router records logs. There is a refresh button you can click to get up to date data or you may also choose to start a fresh. There are some routers which have a “Save logs” button using which you will be export the logs to a text file.
  • You need to open the search function of your browser. Simply press “Ctrl” and “F” and then enter type in the search term and hit the Enter button from the keyboard. To exit, close logout or simply close the Window.