How to Test the Speed of Your Cox Cable Internet Signals

You are free to choose from three levels of Internet service if you are using Cox cable. The three levels include Cox’s “Value High-Speed Internet” which is cheap and does not offer fast internet service. The second and third levels of Internet services are “the Preferred High-Speed Internet” and the “Premier High-Speed Internet.” There is an Internet speed test performing website using which you are able to test your Cox cable Internet service in order to know if you are getting the speed you are promised.

Step by Step Guide

1. You can test the speed of your Cox Internet service by navigating to the McAfee website and then using its free Internet-connection speedometer. Finding out how fast or slow your Internet is performing is no problem with the McAfee speedometer. There is a tab located at the bottom of the page saying “Click Here to Test Now”, click the tab in order to begin the test. Wait for a few seconds until your Internet connection speed results are shown on your computer screen.

2.  Navigate to the Bandwidth Place website. Using the website you can find the speed of your Cox cable Internet service. Users are not charged any fee for using Bandwidth Place. You are also shown information on the page which proves helpful in understanding the performance of your Cox cable Internet service. The download and upload speed is also displayed on your computer screen.

3. If you want to know how fast your Cox service is performing, simply go to the Speed Test website. There is no fee for using the cox internet speed test online tool. If you are really concerned about the speed you are getting, the Speed Test can prove really very helpful. Your physical location, IP address, and your ISP are shown on screen when you go to the Speed Test website. There is a “Begin Test” tab to be clicked in order to run a Speed Test. The tab can be seen on the top of the page and the result of your Cox cable speed will also be displayed on the page. You can also see the downloading and uploading speed of your Cox cable Internet service.

Cox cable Internet speed test step-by-step guide enables you to perform all kinds of internet speed tests easily. The step-by-step guide offers a detailed process using which users are now able to perform internet speed tests using different programs. When you test your Internet speed at using this guide, you will realize how simple this whole procedure is. Cox cable Internet speed test screenshots and learning videos are very simple to use for all types of users. Here is the list of weblinks which can surely offer you very useful information.

Useful Results

Internet Speed Test – Check Your Internet Speed
Use the Cox Speed Test to check upload and download speed for residential and business customers. Also discover ways to improve both internet and wifi connections.