How to Login to Hotmail/MSN UK

Need to access Hotmail/MSN UK? Well, the process of logging into Hotmail UK or MSN UK is should not take more than a few seconds. You can see that Hotmail UK attracts UK-based users of Hotmail or You simply have to access the login page of Hotmail UK in order to sign in to Hotmail UK or MSN UK. Once you are logged in to then you can get news related to the UK thanks to MSN news UK. The process of signing in to the Hotmail email account is not difficult.

Hotmail UK Sign In

You must have a Hotmail email account. If you don’t have Hotmail email account then create one now. Creating a new Hotmail account is easy and free. You should also know that you need a Hotmail account in order to access all the services offered by Microsoft. This is how to do it.

  • Navigate to
  • You should see the login page of Hotmail on your screen
  • At the bottom of the page you will see “No Account? Create One!” Click “Create One”.
  • You will see sign up form on your screen. Fill out the form
  • There is also a country code field. Select United Kingdom (+44)
  • When you are done, click Create Account

MSN UK Sign In

You will now use the account, you created above, to login to Hotmail email login UK. Following is the step-by-step login guide.

  • Navigate to
  • Enter username in the username text field and password in the password text field.
  • Click “Sign In”

MSN UK is the best source of all kinds of news. There you will see different categories of news such as sports, entertainment, etc.