Hotmail Sign in Issues

Let me clear first, is now Microsoft Outlook and can be accessed through In this guide, we’ll try to answer the login-related problems.

1. Hotmail Username and Password Don’t Match

You need to be sure that the correct email username and password are entered. Make sure that Caps Lock key is off because if it is on you receive errors like this. Now you should be able to login if you are not you will be left with one option Hotmail password reset.

2. Account temporarily blocked management will block your account temporarily if some kind of unusual activity is detected in your account. There is a simple process you need to follow to get your blocked account back. Type in the browser and hit Enter button and you will see sign-in page on your computer screen. Simply enter the mobile number to request security code. You will get the code through SMS or voice call. You will enter this code; you will need to change your old Hotmail password in order to complete this process.

3. My account is closed

Have a look at the following three situations.

You Closed the Account

You will lose all the contacts and the mails will be deleted if you choose to close the account yourself. Once you have closed your account, it means you are also unable to access other Microsoft services associate with that account

Solution:  You should be aware of the problems caused by the closure or deactivation of your Hotmail account. Keep the consequences in your mind before deleting your account.

Long Term Inactivity Caused the Closure of Account

Your account will be deleted and you cannot recover it, if it has been a year since you logged in.

Solution: Logging in to your Hotmail ID once in a month or two months can be a good solution.

Account Closed because of Doubtful Account Activity

Your account will be closed if it is being used for sending spam.

Solution: Never spam people otherwise get ready to face the consequences.

Go to the support page of Hotmail if you believe that your account is closed due to error. You will have your Hotmail ID back if it was closed due to error.

4. Account Hacked

  • If someone knows your password, he can hack your account. You can always reset your Hotmail password using your recovery number or email.
  • You better clear you computer first before you think about changing your password if account is hacked using virus. Using the latest version of antivirus can help you avoid such problems.
  • Once the account is recovered, you access your Hotmail messages and contacts.

5. Verification Code

Didn’t receive the verification code? Now, this issue must be resolved especially if you are using two-step verification for sign-in purposes.

Be sure that you have entered the correct phone number. You will not receive messages if there is no cellular network. Change your location to improve your cellular network. Sometimes it helps.

6. Redirected to

Remember is now so no need to be surprised if you navigate to but is opened on your computer screen. You can use your Hotmail ID to login on

7. Hotmail Aliases

You can use your aliases account for tasks like sending and receiving mail. But you must use the main Hotmail account that you have signed up for.