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Learn how to login to UPS employee portal online access using your email or user ID easily and quickly with step by step guide. Signing in to UPS is an easy process. Just follow the step below to log in to your official employee account at home or workplace.

Have you used or heard about Basically, it is a UPS Enterprise Portal. Just like other portals, it also lets you login only if you have already created an account. Those who have accounts can use Upsers login without facing any kind of problem. The signing process is very simple as it just requires a user ID and Password. But first, you need to complete the sign-up or registration process which is an important process if you have to login to Upsers. Many users say that they cannot find the sign In or register link or button on the page. It confuses them as to how they will log in when there is no signup or register link button is available. So we have decided to show you the complete sign-up and login procedure for UPS Enterprise Portal.

How to Sign In

Accessing the Sign In page is a simple and easy-to-follow step.

  • The very first thing you need to do is, go to the UPS Enterprise Portal. For this, you just have to enter the correct URL which is in the address bar of your browser and then hit the enter button. The sign in page of the portal will open.
  • You should be seeing the portal User ID field on the page. Simply enter your User ID in the given space.
  • Next is the password text field. Those who are using this page for the first time will register themselves first. It is very important for many reasons. For instance, during the registration process they also  want you to create a special password or PIN you and only know. The first PIN which you will receive consists of two letters of your last name, last two digits of your birth year, and the last three digits of your employee.
  • Now you have all the information one needs to login. Just enter your user ID and press the Log in button. This is how you login to the service.
Login UPSers Screen

New User ID and PIN Generation

If you are new to the upsers and don’t have the user details such as your user ID or PIN, you can easily create a new account by submitting the User ID and PIN and following a few more on-screen instructions.

  1. Visit :
  2. Go to “New User ID and PIN” Section by scrolling down
  3. Now Fill the given fields “I work in”, “Employee type”, “Enroll Date”, “Last Name”, “Birth Year”, “Employee ID” etc
  4. The PIN will be generated below after submitting all the required informations.
  5. Note Down the User ID and PIN, and they’ll be used for the upsers first-time registration process which is explained in the next section.

Once you are logged in to then you can do many things such as you can view your paystubs online. UPS Enterprise portal also lets you access paystubs. The portal also allows you to change as well as update your direct deposit details. Moreover, you can view your benefits details and read the company news. The UPS Enterprise portal also lets you update your federal withholding details. There you can also view the total number of hours you have worked.

UPS Login using

UPS is a United States-based package delivery company. There is no doubt that UPS is the first name that comes to mind when we talk about leading courier companies. The company delivers packages worldwide. There are nearly half a million employees of UPS. The company delivers over fifteen million packages per day. UPS uses a portal named for its employees. This portal has helped employees organize their things. Now employees use the portal to view paychecks online, check their schedules and review benefits information. If you are an employee of UPS, you will use your UPSers Login to access the portal. Those who are using for the first time will find this article very helpful.

Your login information is your user ID and password. Those who forget their UPSers user ID and password don’t need to worry about it. There is a way to find forgotten user ID and password. You should know that your User ID and Employee ID are the same things. You can find your employee ID on your paystub. Your PIN consists of eight characters. It includes the first two letters of your last name, the last two digits of your birth year, and last two digits of your employee ID.

If the employee’s name is Michael, he was born in 1982 and his employee ID is 0036711 then his PIN is mi8211. Remember to make sure Caps Lock is turned off because PINs are case-sensitive.

Login Issues

  • Password not working? You must enter your correct password otherwise you won’t be able to log in. Turn off Caps Lock when typing your password.
  • The option of resetting your password is also available. you just have to click on “Forgot your password” and then you will see onscreen instructions which you will follow to recover your password.
  • Go to the link given below if you are still unable to recover your password.
  • Support

Access the following link to learn more about

You can also use the Twitter link

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