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Learn how to sign in to your My CVS login hr employee account, alight, chart, health, clinic, learnet or hewitt and all other related accounts easily and quickly with step by step guide.

CVS is a well-established name in the American health and pharmaceutical industry. The first CVS store was opened back in 1963. Now CVS Pharmacy has become a top-notch retail healthcare company in the United States. The company is headquartered in 1 CVS Drive, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, United States. One good thing about CVS Pharmacy is that it is easily accessible because there are more than ten thousand CVS locations across the fifty states of the United States. Since 1996, CVS Pharmacy is owned and operated by CVS Health. CVS Pharmacy, MinuteClinic, CVS/Caremark, Longs Drugs, and Omnicare are the subsidiaries of the company.

How to Login?

Have a look at the following CVS login instructions. You can read the login instructions for

  • CVS Health
  • CVS Pharmacy
CVS myHR Employee Login
CVS myHR Employee Login

CVS Health

CVS Health login instructions are given below.

  • CVS Health login page can be accessed at
  • A login page having CVS Health username and password will open.
  • You just have to enter your CVS Health username and password in appropriate spaces.
  • Next, you will click the red colored Login button.

CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy login instructions are given below.

  • You can access CVS Pharmacy login page at
  • On the left side of the page, you can see the Sign in section.
  • Type your email address and password in the designated text fields.
  • Click Red colored sign in button.

Why You Need myCVS?

Create your CVS account now. myCVS users can do many things such as

  • Refilling prescription
  • Accessing amazing rewards
  • Managing your family’s prescription

CVS Store Locator

Use the store locator to find CVS Pharmacy near you. Go to the following link and enter your current location

CVS is the abbreviation of Customer Value Service. CVS is a well-known retail and healthcare company. Pharmacy chains operating in the United States are many and CVS is one of them. CVS has earned the trust of people by offering them the best services. The company has been around since 1963 and still, it is stuck to its promise of providing the best service to the customers. It will not be wrong to say that CVS has changed the way the business of retail pharmacy operates in the United States. We can say that the example of Customer Value Service can be used as an example to succeeding in the pharmacy business. If we look at the annual revenue of the company we will know that how well the company is doing. CVS also has Minute Clinic sites which is another milestone achieved by the company.

CVS was founded in Massachusetts, United States, and is now based in Rhode Island. The company is chaired by David W. Dorman. CEO of CVS is Larry J. Merlo. CVS stores can be found in every city in the United States. You can also find the CVS store near you very easily by simply navigating to There are more than nine thousand CVS stores located in the fifty states. CVS stores have a dedicated staff helping people 24/7. CVS has employed over two hundred thousand employees to serve customers. There is good news for iOS device users. With the launch of Apple Pay making purchases have become a lot easier for iOS device users. CVS had to disable the service but promised to restore the service very soon.

To view CVS hours of operations and holidays details, click the following link to know more.

What Else to Know About MyHR CVS

  • Employees of CVS Health and CVS MinuteClinic can easily access CVS HR website. They must login to CVS HR in order to access their taxes, paychecks and other personal information.
  • There is a special login dedicated for old employees of the company where they can access all the information about their employment.
  • The whole procedure of registering for the My HR CVS service is very simple. Keep your social security number to hand when setting up an account because you will be entering the last 4 digits of your SSN, along with your DOB.
  • There is a “Register as a new user” button for registering online.
  • Recovering your forgotten/lost user ID and password is also possible. You just have to click the appropriate link.

MyHR CVS Benefits

Good companies like CVS know how to ensure the mental and physical health of their employees. It is because they understand that their employees are their biggest asset. CVS employees are offered dental and medical insurance and the list does not stop here it goes on to include employee discounts and benefits, 401K program, and much more. CVS is one of those few companies that also offer employee stock option. Further information about employee stock option is available on the HR page. Employees are recommended to visit the HR page.

What Happens if You Don’t Enroll for Benefits

  • Those who refuse to enroll for benefits will not get dental coverage, medical coverage and long term disability coverage. It does not apply residents of Hawaii
  • Once you have enrolled for benefits, you will also be eligible for Health Saving Account.
  • Benefits for which you will have coverage are given below
  • Short-term disability
  • Business travel accident insurance
  • Short term disability
  • Life Insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance

CVS Employee Handbook

CVS Employee Handbook offers the best possible assistance to CVS employees. The handbook answers all the question that you may have in your mind about CVS. The pharmacy store is the 2nd largest of its kind only behind Walgreens. CVS Employee Handbook is the best handbook for a number of reasons. The handbook covers all the main topics of interest such as Company history, relationship with customers, shareholders and community, code of conduct etc.

CVS Employee Discount and Benefit Program

Discount and benefit programs of CVS are really amazing. The discount is available on a number of items. There are a number of discount deals available such as local deals, father’s day deals, restaurant deals etc.

CVS Learnet

It is difficult to ignore CVS Learnet when we talk about the best health learning management systems. There is no doubt it is the best learning management system of its kind.

Contact MyHR CVS

  • Note down the customer care phone number given below
  • Myhr CVS phone number is 1-855-338-5609.
  • Myhr CVS Email address is:

MyHR CVS is really doing a great job. Current and former employees of the company have benefited a lot from this service. They frequently visit MyHR CVS for accessing personal information such as paychecks and tax information. We can say that CVS HR online portal has made the lives of current and ex-employees of the company a lot easier. MyHR CVS is operated and managed by Aon Hewitt. Aon Hewitt is a well-reputed company known worldwide for such tasks. Aon Hewitt has the best people who keep the webpage maintained.


  • CVS HR is a complete website where you can access almost everything related to employees. The website is frequently accessed by CVS Health and CVS MinuteClinic.
  • For ex-employees of the company, CVS HR web page offers a dedicated login through which they can find all the information related to their employment.
  • If you are a new employee then you should know that registering for the My HR CVS is very easy. You need two pieces of information, last four digits of your Social Security Number and your date of birth. This information is required in order to confirm your identity.

There is a dedicated CVS HR online portal for which CVS employees can access easily. Employees need to access the portal because the portal offers all their tax and paycheck information. CVS Health and CVS MinuteClinic employees also access CVS HR online portal. Here it is important to mention that it is Aon Hewitt that manages the portal. Aon Hewitt is a well-known name in the HR industry. Aon Hewitt is currently operating in nearly one hundred countries.

Features of HR CVS

  • Caters the needs of current as well as ex-employees of CVS.
  • The service is free to use.
  • New users need to have a valid email address to use the service.

There are many benefits that CVS offers and these benefits have no comparison with those offered by a number of retail stores. The list of these benefits is really long and includes full medical insurance, dental insurance, and a 401K program. You will be happy to know that CVS also offers employees a stock purchase program for which employees need to access an online HR page. 

CVS has been around since 1963. CVS is known worldwide for being the second-largest pharmacy chain in the United States. CVS is operating with more than eight thousand stores making it one of the largest companies worldwide. There are also more than one thousand MinuteClinic locations. Most of these stores are located within a CVS store.

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